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tv   Channel 3 News at 11  NBC  October 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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just moments ago the national spotlight on mike pence and tim kaine squaring off to prove why they are running the belongs in the white house. we will have live coverage, but 1st -- >> save our school. >> we have been following developing news from parma all night. the school board president walked off the job right in the middle of a packed meeting. the district is $15 million in the red and it is proposing job cuts and closing schools. >> parents and students are not taking the news lately. we go live to parma. >> reporter: the emotions are high in parma from students marching in the streets to
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of the auditorium. everyone here is passionate about education. but with millions of cuts needed -- >> save our school. >> not a pep rally but a protest. chance and signs. students banded together. kids from normandy in valley forge high school marched to parma high school for the public meeting overflowing the auditorium. a strange start, not 15 minutes in board president kathleen petro resigned. but with so much at stake in more than 1000 people in attendance the meeting continued. at issue the state says the district needs to cut $15 million from the budget over 2 years. the district proposed a plan in eliminating dozens of teaching positions, discontinuing programs and closing schools. the sentiment from parents and
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provided last week are shortsighted. and will have long lasting detrimental effects on students and community. >> reporter: the theater program, one of the things to go, the kids who usually fake their tears faced the stage and brought the drama. >> we are a family and we will continue to fight for our right on that stage because our bond is thicker than any that the school board has. >> community does not want the solution that the board proposed. the school board will likely ask the state for an extension. if the state grants 1 the building closures would be tabled. we will keep you updated. reporting live from parma. there are 35 days until the election.
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time, vice presidental candidate faced off on the debate stage. >> details on how the candidates fared. >> reporter: they tangled from the start. tim kaine and mike pence defending their running mates and savaging their opponents. >> we trust hillary clinton and the thought of donald trump scares us. >> he is employed tens of >> and paid little taxes and lost $1 billion a year. >> and clinton? >> accepting contributions from foreign governments. >> reporter: a tingle number 2 came on jobs. >> the policies of this administration which clinton want to run this economy, >> 50 million new jobs? >> millions more people living in poverty today.
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not paying decades of income tax works >> but he used the tax code the way it's supposed to be used. >> so it smart not to pay for military? to pay for veterans? >> reporter: the next issue, insulting americans. >> he has called women slobs and pigs and dogs. disgusting. >> that is small potatoes compared to live in calling half of donald trump supporters a basket of deplorable's. >> reporter: a fight to the end on immigration. >> the fire foreshadows the next presidential debate on sunday. now it seems certain to be battle rolling out. >> as the candidates took the stage, voters took to social media. tweeting and posting on facebook as they followed. >> we have how people reacted tonight. >> there were 2 main storylines.
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attacking donald trump on a number of fronts. and mike pence the more calm and slow and steady wins the race divide. i want to show you a couple of tweets. a good line, pence asks do you? in an election that is a tone a lot of people are talking about. >> dan rather says this debate is crackling this crackling like a hickory fire. how about richard saying penson came that's kaine -- kaine neither providing specifics. >> the biggest winner so far is the fence for president 20/20 primary campaign. acting more like a future president the current vice president. and maybe the most salient point, a massive and powerful hurricane heading to the east
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so while these candidates try to absorb the news cycle, that storm may robbed of energy. -- robbed it of energy. we told you last week about the clinton police association endorsing donald trump. >> be giuliani came to cleveland to stand -- rudy giuliani came to cleveland to stand with police. many of the community are standing against the unions decision. >> giuliani wasn't on the stand in the support donald trump. it's like 2 different worlds. inside and out, to completely different perspectives. causing a lot of very sensed debates. >> demonstrators not on board with the big decision from cleveland's police patrolmen's association. backing donald trump. >> this whole thing in cleveland is ridiculous.
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blow up the community. it's not going to blow up the community. >> steve loomis pushed ahead the union vote endorsing the president and supporting the gop candidate himself. >> joined by heavyweight legal surrogate rudy giuliani who heralded stop and frisk. >> not only do i supported i started it. >> reporter: policies like this are hard to follow. it could be devastating for majority minority communi. >> i'm disgusted and shopped. that the police would back this candidate. the candidate that is supported by almost every hate group in the country. >> family member of tamir rice stand against the unions call. >> trump are present hate and racism. for police union to stand behind something like that, what is the message you are trying to send? >> the message loud and clear
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the feds to help improve woodland policing. or the the union resident at all. >> that is the bed they may. they have to lie in it. otherwise do something about it and vote him out. >> mr. loomis told me he is not concerned about the call for him to step down from the police commission or from policing. he says it is their right to have that opinion. joining me to talk about the controversy is st before we talk about the why, do you understand why so many people are angry not only at the endorsement a your role in it? >> my role in it is police union president looking out for the best interest of the police union members. so i don't. it's baffling. >> let me break it down. as you know, the cleveland
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>> i don't agree with that. >> it's volatile. they are trying to repair that. the city is under consent decree. you know that the people your officers present i am large do not endorse donald trump. >> i don't know that. >> they think he is a racist. they think stop and frisk -- 2 this is america. >> because of those things, you've never endorsed anyone, why did this come? why is it necessary? you never endorsed a presidential candidate. why now? >> we've never had a presidential candidate that was so decidedly anti-police. we've never had a sitting president that is so anti- police. it's a dangerous situation when the president potential president think that it's okay to start commenting on very local police issues less than
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investigation has been completed. that is very dangerous for us that is exactly why we got involved. >> do you think your endorsement helps or hurts the process of the cleveland police department mending ways and making things better with the community? >> i don't know how it would hurt that. this is what is going to happen. donald trump has absolutely pledged to us he will increase or help increase the numbers on the street. he understands there are not enough officers out there. he understands we don't have the training and resources, when we do get the training and resources, and assistance from the federal government and not the disdain, that will translate into positive things for the community. it's really simple from our perspective. >> let me give you the chance to respond to critics. he saw the protest. >> i talked to a lot of the people.
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role in it, it's a slap in the face to the community, what do you say? >> i say that is nonsense. there is a bunch of people that belong to racially exclusive groups like the naacp. by the way, mike nelson asked me for a job. in 2014. >> that is a separate issue. you are saying you don't those people have a point? >> i don't. and if we had come out, and we could've come out, >> we are out of time. i do appreciate you coming in. >> thank you very much. that's it?
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a utah couple is outraged after a hospital. -- bill they received. they posted this image of the itemized bill. the father says it shows a $39 charge for skin to skin contact with the baby after the c- section. basically the couple was charged for holding the baby. contact in an operating room requires an additional staff member. a local man values his job so much he walks 5 hours each way every day just to get there. >> the story of a police officer turned good samaritan who helped the man get to work in the pouring rain. >> reporter: 30-year-old kevin leaves his home in euclid.
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at the ruby tuesday. his mode of transportation, right here. >> 18 miles. i risk being late to catch the bus. i would rather walk in those days. >> he comes in every day and is a great job. he is never wants to asked the one desk anyone for a ride. >> this time a police officer driving by office arrived. >> he said i have this awesome story to tell you. i saw this police officer picking up a young man. >> the officer not looking for an interview. >> he was humble and said it's not a big deal. i gave him a ride. >> is not the 1st one to offer me a ride. i wasn't surprised. >> he said i'm going to put it on facebook. everyone wishing him well. and saying you're such a hard worker. we love him.
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representing you something from our heart. >> people have been coming in all day. we have an envelope in the office for him full of money. >> i wish i could give him a car. >> this ought to help. he is the good stuff. he put up $1000 of his own and if people will match another thousand dollars, this car is kevin's. >> i've been there. i have walked miles in his shoes. i figure i am in a position to help, why not. i will pass it on. >> that would cut the trip down to 20 minutes. straight to the good stuff file. breaking news. officers are on the scene of a shooting on deadly avenue near west 73rd.
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been shot. 3-year-old and 9-year-old were rushed to the hospital. police are looking for 2 male suspects. if a crew heading to the scene. changing directions, south carolina officials have declared a state of emergency ahead of evacuation and hurricane matthew is turning toward the us. it could make landfall this weekend. plans call for the evacuation of 1 million people beginning tomorrow. people have died in the caribbean and the storm has caused widespread damage in the southwest tip of haiti where it hit this morning. >> these mandatory evacuations, not everyone follows which is too bad. >> at this point i think a lot of people, especially in the carolinas, it's probably more of a precautionary thing. the mandatory stuff will come into florida tomorrow and through the day. it will be a close call but we
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we have, not anything like what they have. 50s and sunshine to start. sunny skies for the afternoon. temperatures in the 70s. we have high pressure to the northeast. that area of high pressure has helped to keep our skies clear. beautiful fall conditions. out to the west there is a storm system brewing. you can't help but see the big windup. stormy weather in the plains states. snow in the northern rockies. and this front will make its way to the east. it will push against this huge area of high pressure. that will slow things down. it looks like we have a chance for rain coming friday night into saturday. in the meantime it's more sunshine. tomorrow's forecast shows at all. sunny skies clear conditions in the morning. temperatures in the low 60s. low 70s with abundant sunshine midday. and will continue with sunny conditions through the evening
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70s. we will come back to this because our friend is representative of it upper- level pattern that will start to play with hurricane matthew that is down in the caribbean passing into the southern, western atlantic. is a continues through the bahamas you can see we have hurricane watches, tropical storm watch is up for florida. as we zoom in, you can see how widespread this is. not seeing any radar here. that is because these are foreign countries and we don't have radar in foren returns coming up closer to florida. 130mph winds. it has moved northward and is taking its time. a good model consensus coming up through the bahamas. and also bringing it ever so close to the 1st part of northeast florida. hooking up a long south
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happening today, it looks like it's going to stay on an easterly track which would take it away from boston, out of play for the game 3 in boston but they will still have to contend with wind if they don't have to deal with the storm. the national hurricane center still has a going northeast. as of right now it's expected to still be a major hurricane off shore of florida. that is why we expect the mandatory evacuations. it will be a nasty week in the south. things are going to be tricky for us sunny 77 tomorrow. beautiful baseball weather. thursday 8:00 start. mostly sunny on friday with temperatures at 78. stunning weather for our game. the front i show you comes through saturday ringing showers and storm chances. cooler air for sunday with lake rain showers. start to turn things around.
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kicks off. a look at how the indians
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october baseball is under way. tonight the wild-card game.
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on thursday they start the 1st playoff series since 2007. game one of the alds. 9 years ago the indians held -- good to see the central division champs back inside. the home-field a great edge to have but it doesn't mean much. vegas picking the red sox. indians are fine with that. they had been facing the doubters all season long. >> i like when people doubt us. i like how that is what makes it fun. looking back, we will see what happens. we have to play hard. hopefully winning. >> this is the best-of-five series. the 1st 2 in cleveland. the red sox won the season series.
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2 out of 3 here. they opened the season in cleveland. >> we begin this post season on the road, it's not a detriment in the mindset or confidence level that we would share. it's a little ironic that we started this regular season in cleveland. start the 2nd see the -- season right in cleveland. >> the postseason roster has to be made by thursday morning. danny salazar will not be on it. he may advance. he is making significant progress. the browns are the only winless tame -- team in nfl. new england 10 point favorite. we questioned this on sunday and again yesterday. and maybe forever. i don't think we'll get the answer. the fumble in the 4th quarter against the redskins, he came up with the ball after fumbling, today the nfl came out with
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football on the ground. but again, he did have it in his hand. canceled in the preseason against the magic. david blatt will accept the championship ring. when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
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at this hour police are scouring this neighborhood looking for what they say are 2 men in a vehicle they are trying to identify who is behind this shooting. the 2 children the hospital and you can see in the distance a flashlight, there is family wailing, trying to find information. the information we have at this hour, tragic as it is, a 3-year- old shot in the face and 9-year- old shot in the back in a drive- by here on the west side. complete coverage on our social media platforms and live reports beginning on our news at 4:30.
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>> so sad that i. we heard about this and sent chris there right away. more on this on the website. and are news at 4:30 a.m.
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- john goodman, lin-manuel miranda, musical guest,


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